Overcoming failure in your career a model for acknowledging and moving forward

Failure is such a big word and has multiple underpinnings. Stigma, shame, fault, hopeless, disconnection, blame, financial worries, relationship breakdowns, loss of hope, and crushed dreams are a few that come to mind. I’ve had failures in my career, two significantly substantial ones, that forced me into deep reflection and led me to ask myself these questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. What do I offer?
  3. What is my vision of a perfect day?
  4. What kinds of conversations excite me and with what types of people?
  5. How can I and how do I need to add value?

The journey of knowing who I am and who I am becoming began at the age of 16 and deepens at every turn. Someday, I’ll share more of the story of my senior year of high school. Today, however, question 5 is important in this context: “How can I and how do I need to add value?”  The foundation of this question is dignity. It is beneficial when we determine how to use our unique leadership presence and expertise to add value for the sake of serving others.

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