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- by Alissa Fry-Harris, Alogent

Industry Insights: Millennials, take two…

Millennials have come into their own, from becoming makers and managers who now outnumber their parents in the workforce, to rising activist wunderkind like the Parkland survivors. They tend to know who they are and [...]

- by Alissa Fry-Harris, Alogent

Industry Insights: Disruption as a way of life

Legacies are great in wills, especially if you’re the heir. For organizations in the midst of sweeping change, legacy technologies and practices become serious hurdles in the path to success, or even survival. Consider [...]

- by Cameron Marks, Alogent

Know your digital customer

Know Your Customer (KYC) rules protect your financial institution from fraudulent and illegal activities—and you’re required to comply. But in the digital world, where you may never meet your customer, this can become [...]

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Alogent announces 30% year-over-year growth in mobile transactions

Alogent (@AlogentCorp), a global leader in providing banks and credit unions with deposit automation, item processing, enterprise information management, and digital banking solutions, today announced a 30% year-over-year growth in mobile transactions for its 2018 [...]

Alogent named a Top 40 Innovative Technology Company

The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG), the state’s leading association dedicated to the promotion and economic advancement of Georgia’s technology industry, today announced Alogent (@AlogentCorp) as one of its Top 40 Innovative Technology [...]

Alogent announces 2018 conference, October 1-4 in Miami

Alogent announced today that its 2018 Annual Conference will be held Monday, October 1 through Thursday, October 4, in Miami FL. “As Alogent continues to expand our portfolio and products, we invite all current clients [...]

Bluepoint Solutions and Alogent launch new company identity

Bluepoint Solutions and Alogent Corporation, a combined company created when they merged earlier this year, announced that it will be operating under the name Alogent going forward. The global headquarters for the company will be [...]

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