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Demystifying machine learning

In 1959, Arthur Samuel defined machine learning as a “field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.” No, wait – Did I just type “1959?”  Yes, true! Machine learning, which [...]

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THINK 17 attendees head back to the office. What now?

This week, attendees of the most transformative THINK conference ever are heading back to the office. What actionable steps to digital transformation explored in New York City at THINK 17 will these credit union leaders, [...]

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THINK 17: The digital transformation journey has begun

That’s how Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos insists his company will remain at the top of its game – by treating every day like the first, capitalizing on the energy of new ideas, fresh minds and [...]

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The THINK conference turns 10!

Next week, for the 10th time, CO-OP will host the credit union industry’s most transformative conference. THINK 17 will not only introduce new ideas about bringing your credit union into the digital era, but [...]

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THINK is almost here. Are you ready?

Four days. One city. Hundreds of thought leaders. Hosted in New York City, THINK 17 combines inspiring ideas with applicable takeaways you can use to transform your credit union. If you haven’t already, register [...]

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6 ways to help ensure members’ security

To hack an online account, you need a password. Wrong. Today’s tech-savvy hackers have found a way around the pesky task of hunting down login credentials – using cookies. In the online world, cookies do [...]

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Announcing THINK 17 Agenda

We’re excited to announce the full agenda for THINK 17. This year’s most influential, must-attend industry conference runs from May 8 to 11, 2017 and will take place for the first time in [...]