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The advantages of cloud computing in banking

Despite rapid adaptation in most industries and a track record for success, the banking sector and financial services have been much slower and more cautious about cloud adoption and cloud computing services. This is often [...]

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How do credit unions benefit from e-banking services?

Modern consumers expect convenience and speed when purchasing products and using services. While banking has traditionally been an industry that depends on face-to-face transactions, a digital transformation in banking ensures that customers can enjoy the [...]

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The challenges of digital banking account opening

There is a digital transformation in banking that is forcing banks to keep up or fall behind. Digital Banking has become increasingly important over the last decade. For most customers, this is because it is [...]

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Digital banking trends for 2022

Although traditional banking has now been around for hundreds of years, digital banking is still a relatively new phenomenon. Banks and credit unions that have successfully integrated digital banking within the traditional banking model have [...]

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Cotribute and Corelation partner to help credit unions grow

Leading credit union core processor Corelation, Inc. and Cotribute, the award-winning fintech platform for digital member growth, today announced a strategic partnership. Through the agreement, credit unions will be able to take advantage of seamless [...]

Cotribute partners with OCUL Services Corporation

The last few years have accelerated the adoption of digital tools and technologies by consumers across all age demographics. As a result, credit unions are increasingly looking for innovative digital consumer, commercial account opening and [...]

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