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- by Michele Featherstone, The Payments Review

What is credit unioning?

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (the OSFI is the Canadian equivalent of the US Office of the Comptroller of Currency) has issued a restriction – that any non-banks must remove the terms “bank”, “[...]

- by Tom Davis, The Payments Review

Mobile wallets: We’ve come a long way baby

No, really, we have! The dream of leaving your leather wallet at home and using other form factors for payments, primarily smartphones, has been the dream of analysts and prognosticators for many years. Every year, [...]

- by Lou Grilli, The Payments Review

When you come to a fork…

Bitcoin was once viewed as a promising alternative to the US dollar and other fiat currencies that are controlled by federal governments or national banks. Bitcoin was appealing and newsworthy because it offers near real-time [...]

- by Lou Grilli, The Payments Review

PIN on glass is not yet acceptable for debit payments?

Entering a PIN on a physical pad of numbered buttons has just surpassed being a 50-year old technology, created with the first ATMs. The current security requirements around PIN management and transmission, ISO 9564, dates [...]

- by Lou Grilli, The Payments Review

The dark web has a silver lining

The dark web has been in existence since the 1990’s but has become a household word lately through ads from identity protection companies that offer to monitor the dark web. The ads warn a [...]

- by Dave Chojnacki, The Payments Review

Credit unions: Is it time to decline fallback?

Fallback occurs when a credit or debit EMV chip card cannot be read at a chip terminal when inserted and is processed by swiping the mag stripe. Fallback is typically seen in a market where [...]

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12 CUs awarded at CSCU annual conference

CSCU, one of the country’s leading CUSO’s with 2000 members, presented its Exceptional Marketing Ideas (EMI) Awards to 12 CUs at its recently held annual conference. The 12 CUs were chosen from a [...]

CSCU 2017 Annual Conference, April 4-7 in Orlando

CSCU, one of the country’s leading CUSOs, announced the theme and featured presenters for the CSCU 2017 Annual Conference. This year’s conference will focus on the future of payments and will provide the [...]