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- by Lou Grilli, The Payments Review

Apple Pay Cash launches

Apple launched its person-to-person (P2P) payments service, Apple Pay Cash, riding on top of Apple’s iMessage, thereby joining a long list of other tech companies who also offer P2P, including PayPal, Square, Venmo, Facebook, [...]

- by Lou Grilli, The Payments Review

Thought leadership – Partial Authorizations

The ability for an issuer to approve a “Partial Authorization” has been available since 2005, yet most issuers and merchants still don’t take advantage of it. As a result, transactions on debit, prepaid, and [...]

- by Shelly-Ann Wilson Henry, CSCU

Creating a brand that is a verb

Back in the day the standard to having the ultimate brand recognition was making your brand a “household name” meaning it would become a staple or necessity in homes, such as Kleenex and Band-Aids. Today, [...]

- by Stephanie Hainje, The Payments Review

It’s the holiday season!

Back to School is over, Fall and pumpkin spice are in the air, and your members are already thinking about holiday purchases, and it’s only the end of September.  If you have a co-worker [...]

- by Michele Featherstone, The Payments Review

What is credit unioning?

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (the OSFI is the Canadian equivalent of the US Office of the Comptroller of Currency) has issued a restriction – that any non-banks must remove the terms “bank”, “[...]

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12 CUs awarded at CSCU annual conference

CSCU, one of the country’s leading CUSO’s with 2000 members, presented its Exceptional Marketing Ideas (EMI) Awards to 12 CUs at its recently held annual conference. The 12 CUs were chosen from a [...]

CSCU 2017 Annual Conference, April 4-7 in Orlando

CSCU, one of the country’s leading CUSOs, announced the theme and featured presenters for the CSCU 2017 Annual Conference. This year’s conference will focus on the future of payments and will provide the [...]