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- by Sam Griswold, CUCollaborate

The value of a multiple common bond

Choosing the right charter for FOM (Field of Membership) expansion is vital to a credit union’s strategy for growth. Institutions are offered the opportunity to operate under three specific types of charter: single common [...]

- by Lucas McCanna, CUCollaborate

5 ways to market to eligible audiences only

Marketing based on credit union field of membership can be challenging. Understanding the right platforms to use and their limitations on financial institutions can hinder marketing to your eligible audiences. There are a few different [...]

- by Ruthie Dell, CUCollaborate

Are state charters losing steam?

As the NCUA changes the rules around field of membership, more charter options are available for new and existing credit unions. For years, the dual charter system has featured more federal charters converting to state [...]

- by Ruthie Dell, CUCollaborate

Why you might need an overlap letter to expand

When considering a field of membership expansion, you may run into an overlap with another credit union's field of membership. Depending upon your charter type, you may need to submit an overlap letter to the [...]

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