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- by Moriah Taylor, CUCollaborate

Visualizing grants received by credit unions

Introduction to Credit Union Grants Grants can be an impactful source of funds for credit unions. Since 2013, the NCUA has been publishing information on grants received by credit unions in its quarterly Call Report [...]

- by CUCollaborate

NCUA to open streamlined CDFI application qualifying round

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) last week announced it would open a streamlined CDFI Application Qualifying Round beginning on September 12 and running just over a month through October 15. What is a CDFI [...]

- by Moriah Taylor, CUCollaborate

Analyzing credit unions’ 2020 SEG additions

What is a SEG? Though commonly referred to as Select Employee Groups or SEGs, these groups can share any common bond of association or occupation, not just a single employer. Common types of SEGs include: [...]

- by CUCollaborate

NCUA to update FOM process, replace FOMIA with new CAPRIS software

Starting this month, the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) will begin implementing a new, modernized system focusing specifically on the online application process for Field of Membership expansion. The news was announced via a letter [...]

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