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A little cyber hygiene stops big problems

T-Mobile. Colonial Pipeline. Acer. What do they all have in common aside from being multibillion dollar companies? They’ve all been hacked in recent months due to poor cyber hygiene. As Matthew Swenson, Chief of [...]

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Preparing for the modern disaster

Cyberattacks, frequent weather events, a global pandemic. The types and frequencies of disasters that impact the modern IT environment have increased over the past year. Have your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) practices evolved [...]

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Why you need zero trust architecture in the hybrid workplace

Trust no one. It sounds ominous, but it’s a necessary approach in today’s hybrid workplaces. Businesses must provide access to their data and resources to approved identities (person and non-person entities, such as [...]

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T-Mobile & AT&T breaches: Dataprise Defense Digest

Two of the biggest wireless carriers in the US have been breached, resulting in millions of records of customer information being stolen and sold on the dark web. On August 16th, T-Mobile was hacked, and [...]

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