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Why you should forget about hiring cybersecurity talent

Hiring these days is a minefield for nearly every sector, but the technology market might just take the cake. The search for cybersecurity professionals, particularly of the entry-level variety, is a serious struggle for IT [...]

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The top 5 holiday scams to watch out for

The holiday season is always a time for chaos, making it one of the most opportune times for scammers to get in on the action. However, with its supply chain issues and an intense pressure [...]

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The ultimate guide to preventing ransomware

While 2020 brought about expected advancements in technology and in cyber threats, it combined that with a global pandemic that turned the world on its head. This swift change led to a growing divide between [...]

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5 actions to improve your mobile device and endpoint security

A recent study showed 71% of US CEOs are “extremely concerned” about cyber threats — ahead of pandemics and other health crises. This concern is well-founded considering: 70% of successful breaches originate at the endpoint 70M [...]

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