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- by Derek San Filippo, FinancialFeed

Patreon: More YouTube gold

So, you’ve got your YouTube channel set up. You’re beginning to run ads on your videos through YouTube’s YPP (YouTube Partner Program). Money from those ads is just starting to trickle in. [...]

- by Derek San Filippo, FinancialFeed

Black Friday: A real steal?

November 29th is the great day of savings this year. We all know it as Black Friday. It’s that day after Thanksgiving where just about every category of shopping goes on sale. Typically, folks [...]

- by Derek San Filippo, FinancialFeed

College matters . . . maybe

If you have college-bound kids, or you’re a graduate yourself, no doubt you’ve noticed how expensive college can be. A 2016 article by Independentlisted seven of the most expensive college degrees in the [...]

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