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- by Steve Soukup, NAFCU Services Blog

What cyberattacks are really costing your credit union

Credit unions have been spurred to accelerate their move toward digital platforms and services after coronavirus, making the member experience more seamless than ever. With the increased use of technology, however, comes the ever-present risk [...]

- by The CU Lab

3 routes to create lift in payments vendor agreements

Credit union leaders nationwide have been tallying up costs, making revenue plans, and setting budgets amidst a pandemic and recent election. While you’re gearing up to right-size staff and shrinking liabilities in 2021, take [...]

- by Kym Ortiz, NAFCU Services Blog

Insurance and financial wellness in a medical crisis

The coronavirus pandemic made 2020 a challenge to say the least, but it also brought to light the increased need for educating consumers on financial wellness. In our last blog, we discussed how many consumers [...]

- by Tina Buttchen, NAFCU Services Blog

The 2 reasons members switch insurance

In any given year, most of your membership will need some combination of home and auto insurance—80% is typically seen as a logical estimate. That stat might create the impression that home and auto [...]

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NAFCU Services announces 2017 Innovation Award winners

NAFCU Services is proud to announce that the 2017 Innovation Award winners are DDJ Myers, Q2, and Vantiv. Dan Berger, NAFCU President and CEO, announced the award winners at the 50th NAFCU Annual Conference and [...]

NAFCU services announces 2017 Innovation Award finalists

NAFCU Services is proud to announce the 2017 Innovation Award finalists. An Innovation Award is the highest distinction offered to a NAFCU Services Preferred Partner. The awards honor the companies that demonstrate extraordinary creativity and [...]