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10 takeaways on the White House framework for digital assets

We’re beginning to receive clarity from the White House regarding its approach to digital assets, including the potential development of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). With the release of a wide-ranging report, the [...]

- by Steve Soukup, NAFCU Services

Risk assessment: From burden to benefit

Risk assessments. Tedious, compulsory, and painful. Just some of the words used to describe a process that is critical to your institution’s cybersecurity and compliance efforts. Yes, the risk assessment process can be daunting, [...]

- by Jeff Keltner, NAFCU Services Blog

Expanding credit access compliantly with AI

In the latest episode of Leaders in Lending, Upstart’s Chief Compliance Officer, Annie Delgado, had some unconventional advice: “Don’t cut off both ends of the roast.” The saying relates to a child asking [...]

- by The CU Lab

Closing the gap on life insurance purchases

Life insurance can play a vital role in your members' financial well-being but often there is a growing gap between the life insurance a member needs and the life insurance they own. What can you [...]

- by The CU Lab

Transaction risk and fraud

Transaction fraud continues to be a top risk for financial institutions across the country. We are back with our fraud expert and Allied Solutions Vice President of Risk Consulting, Ann Davidson. In today’s episode, [...]

- by Peter Krall, NAFCU Services Blog

Mind the gap: Understanding UDAAP guidelines (Part 2)

In part one of this blog series, we discuss how auto loans are increasingly being paid off early and how this is impacting GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) waivers. Increasing voluntary protection product regulation places the [...]

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NAFCU Services announces 2022 Innovation Award Winners

NAFCU Services has named the winners of their 2022 Innovation Awards. The awards program recognizes companies making the most valuable and innovative contributions to credit union success, including groundbreaking advancements in technology, software, digital media, [...]