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- by Mark Portz, OnApproach

Making a difference with data at Our Community Credit Union

In the recent BIGcast, Analytics as The Fuel for Innovation – Implementing Analytics at OCCU, Andrew Bertrand, Data Analyst at Our Community Credit Union (OCCU) in Shelton Washington, discusses his role as a data analyst, getting [...]

- by Peter Keers, OnApproach

Credit unions and data lakes – The next wave

In two previous OnApproach blogs, the concept of a data lake was defined and differentiated from a traditional data warehouse. Yet, a key point was a data lake and a data warehouse are not mutually [...]

- by Austin Wentzlaff, OnApproach

Whose data is it anyway?

By now it’s clear, data and data analytics is an extremely important growth area for credit unions. Behind it all, there is one main motive – monetizing data to its fullest extent.  There is tremendous [...]

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