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- by Anne Legg, OnApproach

Connecting data to create value and growth

What would you do if you knew the following information: The make, model, and competition for member's next vehicle. Where members shop, buy their groceries, fast food, and gas. Identify what members are most likely [...]

- by Michael Cochrum, OnApproach

Building for the future

When my brother and I were kids, we liked to build things. We built forts, ramps and anything else we could fashion out of scrap wood.  Typically, our projects served a specific function, to ward [...]

- by Pete Keers, OnApproach

Leveraging the data advantage

Credit unions are awash in data, but until recently there were few options for leveraging this data for better decision making. That has changed with the emergence of two major innovations.   First, the data integration [...]

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AXFI conference to host “Killer Fintech Speed Rounds”

The Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference, the premier educational event for financial service professionals serious about analytics and financial innovation, is proud to host the first ever “Killer Fintech Speed Rounds”. The 2017 AXFI [...]

AXFI Conference announces 2017 keynote speaker lineup

The Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference Team is excited to announce the lineup of keynote speakers to present at the 4th Annual (AXFI) Conference. The 2016 AXFI Conference saw tremendous success connecting forward-thinking credit [...]