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- by Mark Portz, OnApproach

What is a data lake ? – Part 1 : Testing the waters

Financial institutions all over are working to build effective data strategies and improve decision-making. With so many new technologies and innovations out there, it can get very difficult to keep up with the industry and [...]

- by Peter Keers, OnApproach

Leverage the data advantage

Credit unions are awash in data, but until recently there were few options for leveraging this data for better decision making. That has changed with the emergence of two major innovations. First, the data integration [...]

- by Pete Keers, OnApproach

Get your game on: Criteria for evaluating analytics tools

Forward-thinking credit unions are tuning their internal data for improved decision making. Previously, data was locked up in multiple, “siloed” transactional systems. Now, innovative credit unions organize their critical information within integrated data warehouses. However, [...]

- by Peter Keers, OnApproach

Credit union analytics comes of age: 9 essential guidelines

A fascinating new report by McKinsey & Company highlights that credit unions can drive organizational value by creating an analytics culture. The report recognizes that financial services analytics has reached a point where marketing was [...]

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AXFI conference to host “Killer Fintech Speed Rounds”

The Analytics and Financial Innovation (AXFI) Conference, the premier educational event for financial service professionals serious about analytics and financial innovation, is proud to host the first ever “Killer Fintech Speed Rounds”. The 2017 AXFI [...]