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- by Rob Vanasco, PSCU

5 ways to create the ultimate member experience

In 1909, Alphonse Desjardins formed the first credit union in the United States and introduced into history the idea of the cooperative financial institution – or a financial institution owned and operated by its members. This [...]

- by Kari Anne Arnosk, PSCU

Member-centric overdraft solutions

Credit unions have long prided themselves on their mission to provide the highest quality offerings to their members. Nowhere has this philosophy been more clear-cut than in credit unions’ commitment to maintain lower fees as [...]

- by Elizabeth Rowe, PSCU

Understanding cash in the retail payments mix

Credit unions have access to an enormous trove of analytical inputs that can help them better understand their own members’ purchasing behaviors. After all, we need only crunch checking account, debit card and credit card [...]

- by Norman Patrick, PSCU

The regulatory environment & executive orders

The 2016 presidential campaign featured considerable debate around the degree of regulation in the U.S. financial services system. One of the campaign’s most vocal critics, particularly of the regulatory structure imposed by the [...]

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