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- by Steve Salzer, PSCU

Game strategies to help weather the storms

“Limited menu, cash only!” This was a phrase heard by millions of Americans who, prior to the 2017 hurricane season, may have harbored illusions about the unfairness of disaster. Likewise, it is a phrase that [...]

- by Merry Pateuk, PSCU

Keeping the credit union home fires burning

Pretend for a moment that every employee of every company has an emotional commitment to the industry their employer serves. Seem implausible? Let’s restructure that thought. Imagine, instead, those same employees have an emotional [...]

- by Lynn Heckler, PSCU

Investing in the future

Imagine this: Your company just experienced one of its best-performing fiscal years, and you have some additional budget remaining. Should it go toward marketing? Your annual company retreat? How about talent and leadership development? In [...]

- by Kirsten St. Jean, PSCU

Changing cardholder purchasing trends

PSCU uses its Member Insight suite of analytic tools to analyze credit and debit card transactions conducted during the holiday period by members of its Owner credit unions each year. The analysis looks closely at [...]

- by Thomas Olney, PSCU

Walking in a member’s shoes

Sometimes a phrase gets used so often that it loses its impact, like “People Helping People.” Those three words perfectly embody what the credit union movement is all about. But in the abstract, they can [...]

- by Gene Fredriksen, PSCU

Mergers, acquisitions and cyber risks

There is an upswing in the number of mergers and acquisitions within the financial services sector, and industry metrics tell us this is a trend that is likely to continue. The financial services and credit [...]

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PSCU’s 2018 Member Forum garners record-breaking attendance

PSCU – the nation’s leading credit union service organization – hosted its annual conference on April 24-26, in St. Louis. The first ever sold-out event brought together nearly 900 attendees from PSCU Owner credit unions, employees, [...]

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