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- by Eric Schurr, TMG Financial Services

How can you help your members survive the gig economy?

The gig economy is growing fast, and credit unions have an opportunity to become an invaluable partner to the millions participating in the gig-based workforce.  A “gig” is defined by three criteria: High degree of [...]

- by Eric Schurr, TMG Financial Services

How to compete in today’s tough credit card market

The credit card industry has become increasingly competitive. What was once just a payment method – a short-term loan – is now a full consumer experience threaded with rewards programs, fraud protections and too-good-to-be-true promotional offers. According [...]

- by Courtney Mckibbin, TMG

Score another one for the good guys

Fraudsters’ wide repertoires of tricks, traps and scams mean financial institutions (FIs) must be diligent with their fraud prevention efforts to stay ahead. In 2016 alone, more than 15.4 million consumers fell victim to [...]

- by Georgann Smith, TMG

Marketing that resonates with millennials

When targeting Millennials, mobile banking isn’t the be-all, end-all for financial institutions (FIs). Millennials expect so much more from the institutions they bank with. Beyond connectivity, they expect convenience, customization and, perhaps most importantly, [...]

- by TMG

A whole new meaning for ‘impulse buy’

Consumers increasingly depend on one-click shopping – anywhere, anytime and from any device. This behavior, in turn, is driving the emergence of contextual commerce – or the integration of purchases and payments into everyday lives. Our most [...]

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