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- by Chris Sachse, Think|Stack

The importance of simplifying your tech stack

As we reflect on a year of great change and volatility, we should take time to evaluate the organizations that thrived and those that did not. Obviously, some that did not, or will not, survive [...]

- by Chris Sachse, CUES Blog

The massive Microsoft Exchange attack: Who has your back?

The Microsoft Exchange Server hack is pervasive, and the critical vulnerabilities have the potential to be exceptionally impactful on organizations ranging from small to global enterprises. While many companies assume their Microsoft Exchange Servers were [...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

20 considerations for secure cloud adoptions

Cloud computing is here to stay.  As part of their ongoing technology education series NAFCU recently hosted Ventura County Credit Union (VCCU) CIO, Chad Ritchie, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Enterprise Strategist, Mark Schwarz & Think|[...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

Our 100 day AWS transformation

Any business worth their salt has values, you see them in the HR handbook, new hire PowerPoints, sales presentations and on walls as you tour offices (remember doing that?!). It is hard for them not [...]

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