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Case study: Typewriter transformation

A credit union in the southeast United States has always been proud of its long history of serving its community. With a unique mix of charm and world-class financial services, the credit union managed more [...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

The newest normal: Cloud computing

Designing, implementing, maintaining, securing, and growing enterprise infrastructure is hard, time-consuming work—not to mention expensive. However, for years, businesses didn’t have a choice but to set up their own computing infrastructure, data centers, [...]

- by Chris Sachse, Think|Stack

Cyber confidence doesn’t mean cyber secure

Technology supports secure human experiences. The human experience should always be the lead focus for the implementation of any new technology. If technology isn’t making improvements or protecting experiences then it becomes a road-block.  [...]

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Think|Stack celebrates 10 years

Think|Stack, a managed IT services company specializing in cloud and cybersecurity with human-centered design, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Founded by brothers, Chris and Travis Sachse, in 2011 as Horsetail Technology – the company was [...]