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- by Chris Sachse, Think|Stack

Log4j requires ongoing monitoring

At the end of 2021, we were actively monitoring and responding to the Log4j vulnerability, which presented new opportunities for hackers to access systems, potentially impacting businesses and organizations across the country. Like many previous [...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

Backup and recovery methods for financial institutions

What would your bank or credit union do if suddenly you lost access to all of your critical member and operational data? Could your business recover? Sounds like a nightmare scenario, right? Unfortunately, this daunting [...]

- by Chris Sachse, NAFCU Services Blog

Elevating the digital experience for credit unions

Credit unions over the course of the last few years have been navigating a combination of challenges with digital demands. A critical need for remote work capabilities, an increased demand from members to drive mobile [...]

- by Tim Foley, Think|Stack

AWS cost optimization that will take you to cloud nine

From increased collaboration features and higher availability to access to more computing resources, whatever the reason your organization made a move to the cloud, dialing in your deployment is certainly not an overnight task. To [...]

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Think|Stack celebrates 10 years

Think|Stack, a managed IT services company specializing in cloud and cybersecurity with human-centered design, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Founded by brothers, Chris and Travis Sachse, in 2011 as Horsetail Technology – the company was [...]