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The value of income and employment data

Faced with an economic downturn and rising unemployment, financial institutions and other organizations need a more complete picture of the consumer. As lenders recalibrate their acquisition and risk management strategies, they want to make smarter [...]

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What can I do if I don’t agree with my dispute results?

When you find an inaccuracy on your credit report and dispute it with us, TransUnion will start an investigation. We send the disputed information to the lender to investigate it, and they have 30 days [...]

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How to spot and avoid phishing scams

Have you ever received an email or text that just didn’t seem right? Maybe it was addressed to you and supposedly from a company you knew, but something felt a little off? It may [...]

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How credit scoring works

Knowing the basics about credit scores and reporting will help you develop smart credit habits and make effective decisions for your financial future. Over time, these good credit habits and decisions should have a positive [...]

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