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How to dispute your credit report

Reviewing and managing your information is an important part of protecting your data identity. So, if you notice something you believe is inaccurate on your TransUnion credit report, we’re here to help. Disputing your [...]

- by TransUnion

What’s considered a good credit score?

If you’re trying to build or maintain healthy credit, knowing what’s considered a “good” score can be helpful. As you know, a good credit score can help you get approved and get better [...]

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Why do I have different credit scores?

Wave 11 of our Consumer Financial Hardship Study found that more than half of Americans check their credit scores at least monthly. When checking your scores, it may be confusing to see that your score [...]

- by John Wirth, TransUnion

Exploring the rise of point-of-sale financing

This blog is the third in a series about point-of-sale financing, discussing how it has grown in popularity, why it impacts credit cards, and whether the industry is positioned for continued traction. Read part one [...]

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