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- by Jamie Bartlett, TransUnion

The art of cybercrime

The excitement around NFTs, rich digital experiences and internet connected devices, highlights the craftmanship of digital professionals. This streak of creativity, however, extends to cyber-criminals who are developing highly imaginative, sophisticated and cutting-edge approaches to [...]

- by TransUnion

Building credit as an immigrant

If you’re new to the United States, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. There’s plenty to do to get settled, including getting your finances in order. Establishing and building credit [...]

- by TransUnion

My credit score dropped, but there were no changes on my report

Your credit score is calculated based off the information in your credit report. To create your score, the information is broken down into different categories or factors. These factors may be weighed differently based on [...]

- by Dave Oliveira, TransUnion

How marketers can engage in the omnichannel consumer journey

The growing number of owned devices, platforms and channels has created a complex labyrinth where connecting disparate data points to make sound, data-driven targeting decisions is increasingly difficult. At the same time, consumer expectations around [...]

- by TransUnion

How to prepare your credit to buy a house

For many, a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. Knowing your credit health can help ease the stress of such a major financial decision. If you’re worried about qualifying for a [...]

- by Blake Woods, TransUnion

Three perspectives on the credit union market

Summary of Industry Metrics Throughout the summer, lenders experienced significant YoY origination growth across numerous products, including card, auto and personal loan. Card originations soared with 124% YoY growth, while personal loan experienced ~70% origination [...]

- by Joshua Herbert, TransUnion

Understanding the consumer dynamics of auto refinance

Vehicle sales will continue to decline as inventory shortages impact retail and wholesale supply chains. As such, auto lenders are exploring growth options and even traditionally non-auto lenders are entering a largely untapped space — auto [...]

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