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Buy now pay later basics: 5 things to know before you shop

When checking out at your favorite online store, you may have seen the option to “Buy Now Pay Later.” Buy now pay later (BNPL) programs are becoming more common as retailers partner with companies to [...]

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What parents need to know about child identity theft

You may have considered identity protection measures for yourself. But how about for your children? Children can’t apply for credit on their own until they’re 18, and they likely have few financial assets. [...]

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Credit freeze vs lock: What’s the difference?

You may have heard about credit freezes and credit locks. But did you know there are differences between them? Both a credit lock and credit freeze block access to your credit report. They prevent anyone [...]

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Big gains for all four credit sectors in Q2 2021

The Q2 2021 data is out, and it points to a strong recovery for the financial services industry, according to the TransUnion Q2 2021 Quarterly Credit Industry Insights Report (CIIR). As we hit the mid-point [...]

- by Blake Woods, TransUnion

Perspectives on the credit union market

Credit Union Performance Metrics Q2 was encouraging for credit unions in a number of categories. Originations soared with 36.3% YoY growth; perhaps unsurprising given the state of the nation one year ago in Q2 [...]

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As COVID-19 lockdowns lift, fraudsters shift focus

What’s the impact on digital fraud as countries ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions? We recently analyzed billions of transactions in our flagship identity proofing, risk-based authentication and fraud analytics solution suite — TransUnion TruValidate™ — and found [...]

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