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What should I do after I freeze my credit report?

If you have placed a freeze on your credit report, you took a proactive step in protecting your personal information. Taking an active role in managing and protecting your data identity is the foundation of [...]

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How to protect your credit health when money is tight

With nearly two-thirds of Americans feeling financial strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an important time to take an active role in our finances. Making financial plans can feel demotivating if money is [...]

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Managing your credit through financial hardship

COVID-19 has impacted lives all around the world, causing uncertainty in many parts of life. While we all continue to navigate this unprecedented situation, we want to assure you that we at TransUnion are committed [...]

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How long does it take for a credit report to update?

If you’re working hard to better your credit health, like paying down credit card balances or loans, you may be wondering when these positive actions will show up on your reports. Truthfully, there is [...]

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