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What is credit utilization ratio?

Credit utilization basics Your credit utilization ratio is a percentage of how much credit you’re using compared to your total credit limit. It’s an important credit score factor, so knowing how to calculate [...]

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How to prevent identity theft: 5 tips to protect yourself

78% of Americans are concerned about sharing their personal information online, according to our Q2 2023 Consumer Pulse survey. And it’s with good reason — that same survey found that 42% of all Americans have [...]

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How to report fraud on your credit report

Monitoring your credit reports should be a staple of your financial routine, much like checking your bank and credit card accounts. Even if you rarely use the credit you already have or aren’t planning [...]

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Guide to credit score factors

For a quick measure of your credit health, your credit score is the place to look. Lenders may use it as part of their criteria when deciding whether or not to extend you credit. It’[...]

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Forbearance and your credit

If you’re struggling to keep up with your bills and loans, you have options. Depending on your loan, your lender may have a financial hardship plan available to make your payments more manageable. Every [...]

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