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Why a MANAGED overdraft program matters more post-crisis

Overdraft has always been a valuable service to consumers, even pre-crisis, and it will continue to provide value post-crisis for consumers who need to rely on this protection more than ever. As consumers across the [...]

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Revive and reengage member swiping & deposit activity

In a blow to our economy unlike anything we’ve seen before, spending has plummeted across all payment methods and has impacted nearly every category, except for necessities such as groceries. Most financial institutions are [...]

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Is your overdraft program UNMANAGED?

Is your credit union offering only static, one-size-fits-all overdraft limits? Giving every member the same overdraft limit means you’re working with an UNMANAGED program and limiting your ability to manage charge offs and address [...]

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Alternative data in lending is here to stay

If your credit union is using only traditional underwriting methods, chances are that you’re limiting your lending potential.  The use of alternative data in underwriting opens credit avenues for members and small businesses that [...]

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