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Get ready to tap to pay with Visa at Target

Visa cardholders soon will have the ability to tap to pay at checkout at all Target stores across the United States. Tapping to pay with a contactless-enabled card, phone or wearable device simplifies the checkout [...]

- by Mark Jamison, Visa

Payments technology trends to watch in 2019

As we head into 2019, all signs continue pointing towards a more digital future in payments. A report from earlier this month found that 29 percent of Americans now make zero weekly purchases with cash, [...]

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“We need a chip for the internet”

How can online transactions become as safe as chip card transactions? Visa Chief Risk Officer Ellen Richey spoke at the Bloomberg Government Next.2018 conference in Washington, D.C. last month about this and other [...]

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Developers map the quickest route to the connected car

Road warriors get ready. Solutions to drivers’ biggest complaints may not be far in the future if the winning hacks at Code AutoMobility LA are any indication. Perhaps the most surprising presentation was a vehicle-to-vehicle [...]

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Visa fosters next generation of credit union leaders

Today announced new research and education programs as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the talent pipeline in the credit union industry. Visa, together with the Filene Research Institute, will conduct two [...]

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