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- by Frank Allgood , Your Marketing Co.

Transform expectations

After a busy week slaying the dragon, I opened my mail as soon as I got home. Included were two separate statements from the same credit union, both containing an 8-page, heavyweight, glossy quarterly newsletter. [...]

- by Your Marketing Co.

Marketing: Beyond the balloons and yee-haw

Many CEOs and CFOs are frustrated with their marketing team. “It’s all about balloons, yee-haw, and ice cream socials. Where’s the ROI?” The answer to their question is that it’s nowhere to [...]

- by Alyssa Armor, Your Marketing Co.

TKO marketing

My husband likes boxing. Like REALLY likes boxing. Like I had to fight him to keep a poster of Muhamed Ali from adorning our bedroom wall (it didn’t go with our color scheme). As [...]

- by Marne Franklin, Your Marketing Co.

But is it the BEST?

When the time comes to buy a car, you do your research. You ask friends. You question colleagues. When you're stopped at a red light, you scan the vehicles around you seeing what your options [...]

- by Katie Samuels , Your Marketing Co.

2 simple cures for your janky website

Anyone remember Geocities, Lycos, Netscape, Excite? All of these ’90s-born brands are still operating, although in much different capacities. We also know that many credit unions and community banks have websites that harken back to [...]

- by Brandi Stankovic, Your Marketing Co.

Does your credit union feel LOST?

“It's ironic, butterflies get all the attention; but moths – they spin silk, they're stronger, they're faster.” If you didn’t know, I’m quoting a television show that ended seven years ago. Yes, I admit [...]

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New website design firm brings ‘Uncommn’ website solutions

Unlike other website vendors, who provide cumbersome technology coupled with costly customer support, uncommn is turning the common frustration of web marketing into the “uncommn.” The new website design firm provides credit unions and community [...]

Marne Franklin joins YMC as Digital Marketing Manager

Today your marketing co., a full-service creative marketing agency for financial service firms, announced the hiring of Marne Franklin. She is responsible for the planning, execution and measurement of all web, digital, and social advertising [...]

YMC adds two marketing specialists to support growth

Today your marketing co., a full-service creative marketing agency for financial service firms, announced the hiring of Jennifer Pham and Frank Allgood. They join a growing team of talented professional at the agency’s new [...]

YMC rebrands, relocates to downtown Greenville

Today your marketing co., a full-service creative marketing agency for financial service firms, has moved their office headquarters to downtown Greenville. Doubling their office space, the wonderfully renovated 4,000-square-foot property is now open at [...]

121 Financial Credit Union announces key management changes

President and CEO, Bruce Fafard installs new executive team JACKSONVILLE, FL (July 21, 2015) -- Newly named president and CEO of 121 Financial Credit Union, Bruce Fafard announced a new centralized organizational structure at the [...]

Scient Federal Credit Union names new President & CEO

GROTON, CT (July 20, 2015) -- Scient Federal Credit Union (Scient) announced that its Board of Directors has named David Purcell as its new President & CEO. “The Scient Board of Directors is thrilled to [...]

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