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- by Audra Wilder, Your Marketing Co.

Data-related Lessons from…Estée Lauder?

My first job was with Estée Lauder. Well, my first real job—the 40-hour-a-week, punch-a-time-card, wear-a-uniform kind of job. That’s right, a uniform complete with the mandatory 2.5-inch heels. (Yes, seriously.) Over [...]

- by Alyssa, Your Marketing Co.

Lessons from a YMC failure

Processes — the word provokes anxiety in abstract thinkers while inciting joyous glee in their analytical counterparts. But one thing is for certain, love them or hate them, processes are a necessary part of every business [...]

- by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.

And the main killer of marketing success is…

Picture this: It’s a warm summer afternoon in your hometown. Two brothers return from the playground to find both their parents had run to the store. Locked out of their home, they did what [...]

- by Frank Allgood, Your Marketing Co.

Prep and landing for the next recession

We have no crystal ball. Any good economist will tell you they can’t predict the future either. They are really good at explaining what has happened, which is why we turn to them for [...]

- by Haley Kennedy, Your Marketing Co.

The great delegator

From teams of three to three hundred, delegation takes skill and finesse. Hardened by failure, knowledgeable through experience, and proven with results — masters of management are undeniable assets in the office and true artists of [...]

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YMC teams with three new hires

This month, Your Marketing Co., a full-service creative marketing agency for community financial institutions, welcomed three new marketing professionals to its team. The announcement comes as YMC deepens its talent pool to serve a growing [...]

YMC announces Fred LeBlanc as annual meeting headliner

Your Marketing Co., a full-service creative marketing agency for community financial institutions, announced Fred LeBlanc, lead singer of Cowboy Mouth, will headline its YMC Family Event, August 19-20, 2018 in celebration of its 10th Anniversary. [...]

Switch campaigns flip the stagecoach

Credit unions in California, Florida, New Jersey and South Carolina are throwing some jabs at the third largest bank in the U.S. Targeting the customers of Wells Fargo Bank, the credit unions are offering $[...]

New website design firm brings ‘Uncommn’ website solutions

Unlike other website vendors, who provide cumbersome technology coupled with costly customer support, uncommn is turning the common frustration of web marketing into the “uncommn.” The new website design firm provides credit unions and community [...]

Marne Franklin joins YMC as Digital Marketing Manager

Today your marketing co., a full-service creative marketing agency for financial service firms, announced the hiring of Marne Franklin. She is responsible for the planning, execution and measurement of all web, digital, and social advertising [...]

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