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- by Bo McDonald, Your Marketing Co.

2022 word of the year: CARE

Each year at YMC we choose a word for the following year. We never throw away the word(s) from previous years, rather we choose a word to build upon for the upcoming year. In [...]

- by Frank Allgood, Your Marketing Co.

3 rules before hiring a branding agency

I just finished reading a recent business article about the “perils” of hiring a branding agency. Wowsers. Let’s just say this “big” exec considers all branding and ad agencies “asses.” If you’ve ever [...]

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Express Credit Union finds its calling with ITIN loans

The Hispanic community is one of the largest minority groups in the U.S., and the fastest growing. Express Credit Union CEO Paul Baudin saw the growth happening around his $16 million, Seattle-based credit union. [...]

$113M Caro Federal Credit Union takes on Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo personal line of credit borrowers are ticked; the mega bank announced earlier this month that it was shutting down all personal lines of credit. Caro Federal Credit Union is capitalizing on Wells Fargo’[...]

Credit union welcomes more loans with YMC engagement

Welcome Federal Credit Union had been engaged with Your Marketing Co. since 2017 when CEO Stacey Mills visited YMC’s headquarters in Greenville, S.C. in 2019. While there, he noticed YMC’s Wall of [...]