Partnering to accelerate financial literacy

Basic financial literacy skills are critical for success in today’s workforce. Yet, according to the Council for Economic Education’s 2018 Survey of the States, there has been no growth in personal finance education in recent years, and only one-third of U.S. states require high school students to take a personal finance class. Financial literacy skills are not being taught at a young age, and with the average U.S. household carrying $137,000 in debt, the need has never been more significant.

At Visa, we understand the vital role partnerships have on our success in reaching more people in need of financial education. We have developed free programs that help individuals learn the fundamentals of personal finance – including budgeting, saving and responsible spending –through interactive tools and resources like lesson plans, mobile apps and games. Our award-winning Practical Money Skills program is available in 17 languages and 44 countries around the world.

Our ability to lead and advance the financial literacy cause and provide high-quality personal finance materials for people of all ages is made possible through partnerships with financial institutions, NGOs and policymakers. More than 250 central banks, ministries of finance, governments, consumer protection agencies and financial institutions around the world have utilized Visa’s financial literacy resources to create or enhance their own programs.


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