Payments technology trends to watch in 2019

How AI, Millennials and chatbots will shape the future of payments.

As we head into 2019, all signs continue pointing towards a more digital future in payments. A report from earlier this month found that 29 percent of Americans now make zero weekly purchases with cash, with the percentage of people who use cash for everything dropping from 24 to 18 percent since 2015.[1]

Given that my team and I oversee Visa’s global network of innovation centers and studios—now in 12 countries—we hear from hundreds, if not thousands, of clients each year about what excites and concerns them. Following is a list of five top trends that we believe will be an impetus for change in commerce over the next year.

1. Artificial intelligence (AI) will power commerce more and more

The profound growth of digital and mobile technologies over the last decade has built a foundation on which AI is now poised to flourish. AI is already doing more than consumers realize, and enterprises certainly plan to keep using more AI in the solutions they offer.


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