People don’t trust credit unions with ugly websites

Four key principles of trust for credit union web design

They say in relationships if you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything. This is good advice for anyone, but especially for credit unions. In your line of work, trust is essential. If you’re going to persuade potential members to choose you over bigger, more established banks, they have to trust you can take care of their money and their future. Trust is non-negotiable.

The most obvious way to foster trust and build confidence is to actually be trustworthy. Consistent good behavior builds your reputation and helps you win more customers through word of mouth. But that’s not enough.

On every channel, through every marketing channel, you should be communicating your trustworthiness. This includes your website, which is the face of your brand.  Nonmembers and members alike are going to interact with you more online than anywhere else. Your home page is where they will go first to find out more about you and your services. When they land on your credit union website design, they should feel welcome, at home, and safe in your hands.

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