People helping people? People please!

“People helping people.” It’s been a registered trademark owned by CUNA since the early 1960s. So many credit unions have it in their mission statement, on their website and in their marketing materials. It’s usually followed by standard definitions of why credit unions were created, how credit unions are different and who can join.

For so many credit unions, this is all they have. A canned message.

Don’t get me wrong. People helping people is the credit union philosophy and it can be a powerful message when used in the appropriate context. On the surface, however, just about any business could make this argument, and they probably do in some fashion. In the name of truly personal service, what’s the real difference?

If you can see the difference, you see the problem. If you want to debate me, when it comes to branding and marketing your credit union, can you make your argument in a single line of text? How about a soundbite?

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