Performing damage control when your members’ identities are compromised

According to The Worthington Daily Globe, people in the Worthington, MN area received a phishing text that looked like it came from Fulda Area Credit Union (FACU) claiming a discrepancy or problem with the recipients’ accounts on Monday morning, February 15, 2016. Upon further investigation, these SMS messages were from scammers who targeted both members and non-members, indicating there was not a breach in FACU’s core, but rather a purchased list of phone numbers.

“It seems to be a classic phishing attempt where they just target a group of phone numbers trying to get information,” said Laura Honken, vice president of operations for Fulda Area Credit Union (FACU). “It just seems they’ve probably purchased a block of phone numbers and started out with that.” 

Although Monday was a federal holiday, FACU employees acted quickly in order to ensure that their members and potential members’ information is safe and the brand is protected.

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