The personalization of data builds brand loyalty and profit

Being all things to all people is stifling many financial institutions ability for achieving market distinction, tailored brand experiences, digital evolution or personalization.

Today, successful marketing results require identifying, nurturing and targeting your fastest growing, most profitable and loyal segments; and then delivering a rich, highly personalized set of content and integrated experiences.

But do you know who your best members or customers even are yet? What are their savings and investment goals? Debt burden and borrowing needs? What about payment and channel preferences? And where will you find these vital targeted prospects out in the marketplace that are regularly drawn to your value proposition?

Driving profitability and enhancing user experiences today requires vital data analytics, big data and behavioral insights: not generic marketing campaigns or low-price product selling. But it starts with a well-integrated database of behavioral information and the building of a robust Lifestyle Segmentation Strategy with clear targets and ways to solve consumer pain points and financial hurdles.

Armed with clear target segments and rich data insights from an array of sources like your MCIF, payments data and channel usage, Persona Mapping takes your marketing a huge step forward. You can help refocus employee knowledge and behaviors; fine tune personal content and focus marketing resources using behavioral information and user preferences (spending habits, debt profiles, saving and investment challenges, payments), to identify behavioral triggers and buying priorities.

Armed with this base of highly focused target audiences and Persona Maps, everything from new customer onboarding, marketing automation, digital and social media buying and content can be personalized and tailored to the unique needs of individuals with a well defined Digital Content Strategy. These are the keys to driving higher engagement, NPS scores, wallet share, loyalty and profitability in 2018.   

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Mark Weber

Mark Weber

Mark Weber is the CEO and Chairman of Strum, a 30-year nationwide leader in financial services, branding, business intelligence analytics and data-driven strategy. With offices in Seattle and Boston, Strum ... Web: Details

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