PODCAST: Tom Davis on navigating change

‘Make sure your folks have everything they need to be successful.’

Tom Davis has had a varied career. He started as an accountant before entering the technology arena and ultimately joining CSCU, the precursor to Trellance, where he’s now CEO.

Davis is tasked with leading Trellance through some major changes, including a new approach to serving credit unions and addressing increasingly sophisticated fraud.

Along the way, he has relied on the concept of “servant leadership.”

“Through servant leadership, it’s not all about you doing the work,” Davis says. “It’s about making sure your folks have everything they need to be successful.

“Most of my staff have heard me say many times at the end of a meeting or conversation, ‘Have I given you everything you need to be successful? Anything I can do to help?’ That allows them to be decision-makers, and allows you to make sure they’re all marching along the same page,” he says.


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