PR Insight: 3 simple ways to corner the market on millennials

Start conversations, and let your personality shine through video and social media.

You’ve read countless articles about millennials, and you’ll probably read countless more. People are quick to discuss the need to embrace millennials by constantly sharing the latest data that follows millennial trends, as if the generation were an endangered species—which for some credit unions may be true. As a millennial who specializes in credit union communications, let me say one thing: It’s time to drop the formulas and get practical.

As products of a digital revolution, millennials interact with thousands of Facebook friends and Instagram followers, fostering connections with peers, celebrities and influencers far outside of our normal social circle. The amazing, yet overwhelming nature of having thousands of friends worldwide—some of whom we don’t even really know—leaves us searching for a sense of community. Farm-to-table, local companies and membership organizations are being reinvigorated by a demand for more authentic and personal relationships. It’s a demand that credit unions are uniquely positioned to meet, if they don’t over-complicate the strategy.

Millennials are pushing towards simplicity, searching for direct, straightforward and personal communication—especially in regard to our financial health. We want digitally accessible features, but not complete self-service. We want to have conversations, to know with whom we’re speaking, and to be provided with guidance and resources that are relevant to our stage of life.


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