PR Insight: Maximizing your time at a conference

4 tips for getting the most out of industry trade shows

Conferences are an excellent venue to meet industry experts, share and learn best practices from peers, and even encounter potential partners. However, with so much activity packed into just a few short days, they can also seem overwhelming. To fully maximize your limited time at a conference, you should do your homework, prioritize your activities, consider speaking engagements and include your PR team.

Do Your Homework

Not all conferences are alike, so you should begin your pre-show prep by learning the individual nuances and differentiators of the one you’re attending. It might even be beneficial to reach out to a colleague or friend who has attended that tradeshow in the past to hear their insight and advice.

Before your departure, find out what other credit unions, vendors and even media will be attending. Also, make sure you’re familiar with the venue’s layout. Your schedule will likely be chaotic from the moment you arrive, so it’s a good idea to have at least a general ‘lay of the land’ before you set foot on the conference location.

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