PR Insight: Speak Up!

How credit unions can secure effective speaking engagements

Securing a speaking engagement can be a very valuable tool for credit union executives when they are trying to increase their exposure and position themselves as thought leaders throughout the financial industry. However, being selected to speak at an esteemed trade show or conference is a highly competitive process that can often deter organizations from entering if they are not fully prepared. By planning, using their PR team and working effectively with their conference directors, a credit union can turn a daunting task into an engaging way to promote their success.


At the beginning of each year, it is important to make note of each conference and trade show in which your credit union might be considered a potential guest speaker. Deadlines for speakership nominations are typically six to 12 months in advance of the show, and decisions on speakers are typically made four to six months prior. Getting a head start on this process reduces stress and gives you plenty of time to think of a creative way to make your topic more engaging to target audiences. You will also have more time to incorporate co-presenters if desired.

Use Your PR Team

If speaking engagements are a priority, talk to your PR team immediately. Their job is to increase a credit union’s exposure, and speaking engagements can be an important part of that effort. The PR team can assist in finding a topic, choosing guest speakers and completing the nomination process. They can also promote your speaking opportunity by sending out a media advisory prior to the conference if your nomination is chosen.

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