PR Insight: The power of awards and the art of winning them

Five steps to increase your chances

by: Mary Cox

Receiving an award – whether an industry award or local – can be extremely valuable for a credit union. Awards recognize excellence and validate the relevance and success of products, services, initiatives and even executives. They have the power to enhance a credit union’s image and strengthen visibility among members and potential members, thus increasing membership and loyalty.

But securing an award can be challenging as competition tends to be fierce. Increase your chances of being selected by developing and executing a carefully crafted and strategic award campaign.

1. Execute an Email and Social Media Campaign

There is an art to securing awards. While most require an application form, awards are often discussed by the association or publication months before the deadline. For these, credit unions should begin campaigning for the award early – before the award is officially announced.

Develop an email and social media campaign that targets the award decision makers. Craft emails, tweets and posts that specifically speak to the reasons your credit union should be recognized. For example, if the award is recognizing credit unions that exemplify green initiatives, send regular updates about what your credit union is doing to be more eco-friendly.

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