Predictions: Credit unions will see more value in data & partnerships in 2019

At a time of year when analysts and bloggers are posting their predictions for the year ahead, Trellance’s President & CEO, Tom Davis weighed in with his predictions for 2019 in two recent CU Today articles. Read them here and here.

His views are based, in part, on a survey conducted amongst Trellance members on the areas they will focus on and invest in for 2019.

Data Analytics

According to Tom, “The biggest payment trend we believe we’ll see among credit unions in 2019 is using data analytics to collect, normalize, and warehouse payments-related data and member data together …”. He listed several things that credit unions can achieve by using this strategy:

  • Predict member behavior
  • Enhance member financial wellness
  • Develop and enhance tailored product offerings to better meet members’ needs


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