Burroughs announces launch of new website

PLYMOUTH, MI (August 7, 2017)Burroughs, Inc., a provider of service for financial and retail equipment, today announced the launch of a new website interface. The site,, is designed to reflect the company’s commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

 “While our prior website has served us well over the years,” said Andrew Lawson, president, CEO and chairman for Burroughs, “this new interface adds simplicity and better navigation, offering our customers an easier-to-use platform.  I think our customers will like the look better, too.”

 The new website includes support ticket submission options, direct access to the eAccess Customer Web Portal and a press room. These changes are fully in step with ongoing updates being made throughout the company.

 “We focused on building a website which illustrates our mission of customer service,” said Director of Marketing and Sales Support Sandy Edwards. “The new site combines an overview of our company with a wealth of tools for our clients.”

 To find out more about the new Burroughs website as well as their ongoing customer service and support initiative, products, services and programs visit or call 1 (800) BURROUGHS.

About Burroughs

Burroughs is the largest independent service and integration provider for payment and transaction technologies in North America, and with a 134-year history of helping customers advance their cash management operations, Burroughs is the trusted partner for the full lifecycle management of technology ecosystems.


Erin Denney-Thompson

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