A dino-tastic month of savings and education

RCU celebrates youth month with a dinosaur theme and contests

SANTA ROSA, CA (April 7, 2021)

Redwood Credit Union (RCU) is celebrating Credit Union Youth Month in April with giveaways and two contests that promote good savings habits for children and teenagers. Initiated by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), credit unions all over the United States are focused on the youngest members during the month of April with a massively fun dinosaur theme: Be a credit union saver and your savings will never go extinct.

Jr. Rangers (RCU members ages 12 and under) are invited to participate in a coloring contest that features RCU’s mascot, Reddy the Redwood. Twenty-five winners will be selected to receive $100.

Jr. Partners (RCU members ages 13-17) are invited to show how they imagine their futures through song, dance, video, drawing, essay, or another creative way. Five winners will be selected to receive $250.

Credit Union Youth Month contest rules and a downloadable coloring sheet are available at

“We love encouraging our young members to learn about financial wellness as early as possible,” said Rene Meza, Santa Rosa North Dutton branch experience manager.

And learn, they do. Nine-year-old Bodhi, official Jr. Ranger member and RCU junior consultant, sends ideas to the RCU team several times a year. Recently, he suggested this savings technique: “Here is my idea how kids can save money: If you want to buy an item, research which local store has the lowest price for the item you want.”

As part of the Jr. Ranger and Jr. Partner program, young members receive dividends on the funds they save (on balances of $10 or more), a quarterly newsletter with money tips, online banking, and access to an educational website with games and articles that teach about money. They also get free gifts at $100 (Jr. Ranger) and $250 (Jr. Partner) savings milestones.

Because RCU is committed to more than just financial wellness, the credit union produced several videos designed to help young people, and their support networks, understand their emotions to help them make good choices and communicate well with others. Those videos can be found at

Bodhi, Official Jr. Ranger member and RCU junior consultant

Rene Meza, RCU Santa Rosa North Dutton branch experience manager

Credit Union Youth Month dinosaur banner


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