Abound Credit Union supports Taylor County Schools’ Financial Education Initiatives

RADCLIFF, KY (October 16, 2020) — Abound Credit Union is supporting financial education at the high school and intermediate school levels in Taylor County. This week, Abound presented $500 to Taylor County High School to support their personal finance class, which is an elective course open to any student in grades 9-12. The funds will be used to assist with the purchase of Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum that Mr. Rodgers utilizes for the class.

“As the teacher of this course, I am excited to help students grow in their personal finance skills and awareness. I believe that all students need to understand the importance of managing personal finance prior to high school graduation,” said Mr. Rodgers. By purchasing this curriculum, “TCHS is making an investment in the lives of our students, and that truly shows our continued commitment to making sure our students are ready for life as an adult. This course will help prepare students to make financial decisions for years to come.”

Abound is also providing financial education to students at Taylor County Intermediate School through a high-quality platform. As we continue our second year of the partnership, several students from Teacher Joey Bland’s class have shared how Abound’s Financial Education Program has helped them thus far.

Scout:   ” It helped me learn how to save money and reach my goals.”

Chandler:   “…educational and entertaining at the same time.”

Bryce:  “…helps us learn educational things, while having fun.”

“We believe strongly in supporting education in our communities. By providing the tools and training teachers need, we’re able to reach more students and develop smart financial decision-makers,” says Becky Ates, Executive Vice President of Abound Credit Union. “Abound’s Financial Education Program leverages technology and performance-based games to immerse students in real-life financial scenarios, a useful and relevant method of teaching today.”

In addition to the financial education and training provided for youth, Abound Credit Union offers free online learning tools and resources for adults of all ages at

(left to right): Becky Ates, EVP of Abound Credit Union, Marcus Rodgers, Business/Marketing Teacher, and Sara Tucker, Taylor County High School Principal.

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