Affinity Credit Union thanks members paying a loyalty dividend

DES MOINES, IA (January 27, 2017) — For the second consecutive year the Board of Directors of Affinity Credit Union has announced a payment of more than $150,000 in the form of a loyalty dividend to its members on January 20, 2017.   The dividend is reflective of the credit union’s positive financial performance and the loyalty of their members.

As a cooperative, Affinity is part of a broader cooperative community that shares philosophies around benefiting their member-owners.  Since Affinity is member-owned any excess revenue is returned to members by a loyalty dividend, better rates on savings and loans and enhanced services.

The loyalty dividend is $50,000 more than last year because member-owners brought more of their savings, checking and loans to the credit union.  The greater the member’s relationship, the greater the dividend amount they received.

“With outstanding support from our members, Affinity had a great year financially.” said James Martens, Board Chairman of Affinity Credit Union.  “We were pleased to be able to reward our members who have been loyal to the credit union.  Paying the dividend is one factor that makes Affinity different from other financial institutions.”

About Affinity Credit Union

Affinity Credit Union provides a full range of consumer financial solutions to over 11,500 member- owners at two Des Moines locations. For more information, visit or call 515-288-7225, ext. 1420.


Debbie Gredell

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