Affinity Plus adds financial education to Legacy I-3 student workforce development program

ST PAUL, MN (January 5, 2017) — Affinity Plus has partnered with the Legacy I-3 Workforce Development Program to provide financial literacy to Minneapolis and St. Paul high-school seniors as they prepare for post-secondary matriculation and career readiness.

The credit union brings its financial expertise to students in the Legacy I-3 program at Patrick Henry and Roosevelt High Schools in Minneapolis and Harding High School in St. Paul, according to Stephanie Musgrove, financial educator and business development specialist

“The reality is that many students will need to borrow money to fund their educations,” Musgrove said. “We’re working to help students understand that loans are a tool; they can be used efficiently and productively, but students must arm themselves with good information and thoughtful planning before they make a decision about how to use that tool.”

She added that the conversation about loans often expands to overall discussions about financial literacy. That blends well with the Legacy program’s effort to assist students more broadly on topics including character development; health and wellness; college study habits; and career skills.


The Legacy I-3 Program traces its roots back to 2008 when it began as a character-development program for at-risk teens on Chicago’s Southside, says Joshua Olatunde, who oversees operations and training for TCI Solutions Programs in Minnesota and Arizona.

That original program ran for several years before relocating to Phoenix and partnering with the largest employer in Arizona’s energy sector. Its mission there was to provide a low-cost sustainable and diverse talent pipeline for the industry, Olatunde said.

The program had an 88-percent success rate for Arizona students, he said, with success reflecting on students completing post-secondary education and starting careers related to their degrees. The state of Minnesota took notice and the Legacy I-3 Program was adopted in June 2016 at Harding High School.

Financial literacy is key for the low-income students the Legacy I-3 Program serves because post-secondary education and completion are essential parts of the success of the Minnesota program, he said.

“Many of our students will be first-generation college students and this is why partnership with organizations like Affinity Plus are needed,” Olatunde said.


Stephanie Musgrove, center, an Affinity Plus financial educator and business development specialist, shares a smile with Roosevelt High School seniors and participants in the Legacy I-3 program. Seniors at Roosevelt in Minneapolis and Harding Senior High School in St. Paul are taking part in the post-secondary and career-readiness program. Affinity Plus partners to share financial-literacy concepts and strategies.


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