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Curtis Hays
Director of Strategy
Beyond Marketing, LLC
(913) 541-1255 ext. 5521

Consumers are exposed to nearly 5,000 ads a day, according to a 2006 study by Yankelovich, a market research firm. With a marketplace saturated with advertising messages, it’s tough to stand out among the clutter. Beyond Marketing, LLC introduced BNoticed, a new marketing approach for credit unions that need professional design, but have limited budgets for marketing.

“We’ve created BNoticed to help the sustainability of the credit union industry,” said Curtis Hays, director of strategy at Beyond Marketing. “We’re offering cost-effective marketing solutions that include branding expertise and professional design for credit unions to help them stand out in their marketplace.”

Many credit unions lack the resources to manage marketing operations. Realizing this fact, Beyond Marketing created customizable promotional designs and programs for credit unions to use at a fraction of the cost of developing them on their own or through a third party. The programs target specific marketing trends that credit unions can leverage to achieve their business objectives:

  • Print and electronic marketing pieces
  • Corporate and mobile website development
  • Social media consulting
  • Return on investment (ROI) consulting
  • Communications and brand consulting

“Offering value-added marketing solutions is the right thing to do for an industry that has been established on the foundation of collaboration,” said Lisa Renner, CEO of Beyond Marketing. “Credit unions have relied on word-of-mouth marketing from the membership, and while that adds incredible value, the industry needs to be more intentional in its branding efforts in order to sustain in an oversaturated marketplace.”

For more information, visit or contact Asa Groves, business development manager for Beyond Marketing, LLC at (913) 541-1255 ext. 5536.



About Beyond Marketing, LLC


Founded by credit unions for credit unions in 2003, Beyond Marketing, LLC became the first full-service U.S. marketing CUSO and remains the nation’s only CUSO specializing in full-service marketing for the financial services industry.  Its focus centers on providing clients with revenue and results based on ROI.  Beyond Marketing offers an array of marketing services to fit its clients’ needs.  Capabilities include strategic planning, market research, brand identity development, interactive Web design, print design and production, public relations management, advertising and promotion implementation, media buying, direct marketing, and broadcast production.  Beyond Marketing’s investors include CU Holding Company and Waterloo Community Financial Services, a CUSO holding company owned by Veridian Credit Union, Waterloo, Iowa.  For more information visit or @BYMarketing on Twitter.

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