ALM First Financial Advisors announces slate of promotions, recognizes commitment to clients and the company

Ryan Sherwin named Managing Director, Sales & Client Relations

DALLAS, TX (April 18, 2017) — ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC, a premier financial advisory firm serving credit unions and banks, is pleased to announce the promotion of Ryan Sherwin to Managing Director, Sales & Client Relations, as well as a number of other staff promotions.

Before joining ALM First in 2014, Sherwin was with consulting firm Callahan & Associates and was part of its CUFSLP CUSO, where he provided research and best practice-sharing on a number of cutting-edge topics. He also was responsible for marketing the firm’s TRUST Mutual Funds. Sherwin holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from American University.

In addition to Ryan, the following staff members received promotions:

  • Cullen Coxe, Senior Director, Advisory Services
  • Stacey Wilkerson, Senior Director, Advisory Services
  • Michael Freeland, Associate, Advisory Services
  • Dean Li, Associate, Advisory Services
  • Austin Mading, Associate, Advisory Services
  • Chris Eckhoff, Senior Analyst, ALM Strategy Group
  • Alec Hollis, CFA, Director, ALM Strategy Group
  • Bryan Hatfield, Associate, ALM Strategy Group
  • Shahid Sattar, Senior Analyst, Financial Modeling Group
  • Hafizan Hamzah, Director, Investment Management Group
  • Madi Wright, Marketing & Events Manager
  • Ryan Sherwin, Managing Director, Sales & Client Relations
  • Austin Hughey, Senior Analyst; Strategic Solutions Group
  • Nathan Hollis, Director, Technology Group.

“We’re pleased to recognize these staff members’ dedication to ALM First and the clients we serve,” said Emily Hollis, CFA, CEO of ALM First Financial Advisors. “They have different areas of expertise, but each one has proven his or her value by demonstrating a commitment to quality, continual learning and improvement, and timely, courteous service.”

Hollis also said ALM First is committed to providing clients expert advice and guidance.

“Whether it’s identifying balance-sheet risk or evaluating ALM processes; assisting with investment strategy or execution; or advising on hedging and other activities, our number-one goal is meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations. Our newly promoted employees have shown their support of this goal,” she said.



Ryan Sherwin, Managing Director

Stacey Wilkerson, Sr. Director

Chris Eckhoff, Sr. Analyst

Cullen Coxe, Sr. Director

Michael Freeland, Associate

Hafizan Hamzah, Director

Bryan Hatfield, Associate

Dean Li – Associate

Alec Hollis, Director

Austin Mading – Associate

Nathan Hollis, Director

Shahid Sattar – Senior Analyst

Austin Hughey, Senior Analyst

Madi Wright, Marketing & Events Manager

About ALM First Financial Advisors

ALM First Financial Advisors is a strategic partner for depositories, offering an array of financial advisory services. Since 1995, our expertise in asset/liability management, fixed income portfolio management and hedging, has allowed us to deliver deeper insights into financial institutions’ balance sheets, strengthening their financial performance and building efficiencies. With more than $50 billion of investments under management, ALM First is an SEC-registered investment advisor, acting as an unbiased third party, offering commission-free, fee-based services to over 300 financial institutions across the country.

“ALM First” is a brand name for a financial services business conducted by ALM First Group, LLC (“ALM First”) through its wholly owned subsidiaries: ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Financial Advisors”); ALM First Advisors, LLC (“ALM First Advisors”); and ALM First Analytics, LLC (“ALM First Analytics”). Investment advisory services are offered through ALM First Financial Advisors, an SEC registered investment adviser. Access to ALM First Financial Advisors is only available to clients pursuant to an Investment Advisory Agreement and acceptance of ALM First Financial Advisors’ Brochure.


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