ALM First Looks to the Future as a Wholly Owned Entity Once More

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Dallas, TEXAS (October 4, 2010) – ALM First Financial Advisors, LLC, the nation’s leading credit union financial advisory firm, announced today that they have returned to a privately held, wholly owned status by buying back all shares previously purchased by Western Corporate Federal Credit Union (WesCorp). As an unbiased third party advising credit unions on portfolio investments, regulatory changes, and asset liability management (ALM), the company’s day-to-day operations remained 100 percent in-house after the 2006 stock purchase, so this move will have no impact on the company’s daily operations.

With this buyback, the reins of the company are again fully in the hands of the original three partners – Angela C. Calvert, Emily Moré Hollis and Thomas W. Manley. “We will continue to focus on our core businesses of ALM and investment advisory,” stated Calvert. “We are now, and have always been, an unbiased third party to our credit union partners. They relied on us to usher them through these turbulent economic times, and we are proud our guidance helped them emerge strong and solid.”

Such success during a difficult few years has cemented ALM First’s position as the premier leader in the industry, with many credit unions acknowledging the company’s role in helping them survive a minefield of regulatory changes. This is something Calvert, Hollis, and Manley vow to continue. “Our primary motives have always been the best interests of our clients and that will never change,” says Calvert. “We look forward to continued positive growth by doing what we do best – providing credit unions with outstanding service.”

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About ALM First

ALM First is a leading, trusted strategic partner for financial advisory services. Since 1995, credit unions have relied on our outstanding industry expertise to help them manage their balance sheets and optimize their investment portfolios. With over $13 billion under management and over 130 clients, ALM First acts as an unbiased third party, formulating strategies to manage risk and enhance return, uncovering opportunities for greater efficiencies, and helping credit unions avoid non-compliance. For more information, call (800) 752-4628, or visit

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