American Citizens Abroad-State Department Federal Credit Union wins Best International US Services Provider award

WASHINGTON, DC (October 14, 2016) — American Citizens Abroad (ACA, Inc.) is pleased to announce that the ACA-State Department Federal Credit Union team won in the category of Best International US Services Provider at the International Investor 2016 International Fund and Product Awards.  The awards ceremony dinner, held in London at the Four Season Hotel on October 12th, was attended by key players from within the international financial community around the world. The event is sponsored by International Investment, a leading brand for international independent financial advisors, wealth managers, and others in the financial services sector.

Accepting the award for ACA and the State Department Federal Credit Union was ACA’s Legal Counsel, Charles M. Bruce.  In accepting, Mr. Bruce acknowledged the hard work done by both ACA’s international and Washington staff and SDFCU’s staff in Arlington, Virginia offices.

“ACA teamed up with the State Department Federal Credit Union to provide SDFCU accounts for Americans residing abroad. This is the same type of account used by Americans working at US embassies, as well as many other people around the world.” said Mr. Bruce, adding that Americans living overseas, full-time or part-time, qualify for the account without having to have a residence or even mailing address in the US.

The ACA-Members/SDFCU account is simple to open and maintain. Everything can be done online. The most up-to-date EMV secure (Chip enabled) cards are available along with a full range of banking and investment vehicles.  See:

The ACA-Members/State Department Federal Credit Union partnership to develop this product was in response to the growing problem that ACA has been tracking where Americans overseas are unable to open or maintain US-based retail banking and investment accounts given the increased due diligence and other requirements facing the financial services industry.

“ACA has had incredibly positive feedback from members who have signed up for the product,” said ACA Executive Director, Marylouise Serrato, “This can’t come at a more important time for Americans overseas who need to manage financial affairs both in the US and overseas.  The ACA-Members/State Department Federal Credit Union account gives them the access and flexibility they need when living internationally for work or retirement.”

To educate the community on all the great advantages of the ACA-Members/SDFCU bank account ACA is holding a series of Free Webinars.  On October 21 a Webinar will be held for the European market with additional Webinars scheduled for other geographic locates in the fourth quarter of 2016 and first quarter of 2017.

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