America’s Christian Credit Union rallies with community to raise record breaking donations at Foster Children Benefit Concert

GLENDORA, CA (June 14, 2017)On Sunday evening, America’s Christian Credit Union (ACCU) sponsored the second annual Foster Children Benefit Concert, an event organized by Glendora Community Church and hosted by Grace Church of Glendora. The concert, which spotlighted the often-heartbreaking aspects of foster care, also celebrated the heroic work and success stories of such local foster care groups as Royal Family KIDS and Serenity, Inc. Both organizations embrace the cause of orphaned children and assist them in their hope to find their permanent, loving homes.

A pre-concert reception welcomed and encouraged those who may have felt a tug on their heart to welcome a child into their family through foster care or adoption. This session covered the entire process from the viewpoints of the parent and of the child. The program that followed featured music from the Glendora Community Choir and Symphonic Orchestra, comprised of a collection of vocalists and musicians from local churches and Azusa Pacific University. The inspiring pieces performed by the symphony orchestra masterfully illustrated the hope found in Jesus Christ, and served as a figurative bridge to the experience of God’s grace in bringing children into their forever homes.

Afterwards, ACCU President/CEO Mendell L. Thompson took a moment to speak about the realities of the foster care system and the opportunity we have to help the children in dire need for a hopeful future. “This [concert] is about elevating awareness and restoring hope for foster kids. We can care, nourish and equip them in a tangible way by digging deep and giving to our partners who are invested in this work on a daily basis,” commented Thompson.

As the concert was coming to a close, there was a brief moment to allow the community an opportunity to give, which resulted in $7,079.74 in donations to Royal Family KIDS and Serenity, Inc. After the solemn and powerful closing piece, Pastor John Dix of Grace Church of Glendora concluded the evening by thanking everyone who participated. “We’re grateful to all of you for your support and engagement in this important cause,” said Pastor Dix, “And thank you, Mendell and ACCU, for your contributions to make tonight’s benefit concert possible. You are a leader in our community under the banner of Jesus. We are thankful for your voice.”

About America's Christian Credit Union

Founded in 1958 and currently managing nearly $500 million in assets America's Christian Credit Union provides a broad range of financial solutions grounded in Christian stewardship principles most notably savings and personal loan products that serve ministry expansion and families through their adoption loan program. The vision of America’s Christian Credit Union is “A Financial Partner for Cultural Impact” which is realized through their mission to reach, serve and teach in concert with their corporate priorities to build stronger: families, futures, communities and ministries.  For additional information, visit

About Serenity, Inc.

Serenity is a non-profit foster and adoption agency. Our mission is to break the cycle of abuse through early intervention programs for child victims and their biological family. Serenity’s goal is to provide healing to children and restoration to families through the provision of treatment, resources and quality care. Serenity demonstrates through its programming that abused infants and very young children can overcome attachment and bonding issues, developmental delays, and emotional scarring using therapeutic strategies in a healthy nurturing environment. Serenity provides quality foster care homes for abused, abandoned and neglected children in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

About Royal Family Kids

Royal Family Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve children who are marginalized and voiceless. Through camps, foster children, often abused and neglected, get to experience being a kid, care-free of the issues of being a foster child. For a week, children enjoy life-changing moments through royal treatment in a Christian environment. In 2015 Royal Family KIDS served over 7,700 children in 209 camps in 40 states and 4 international countries. 100,000+ children have attended the camps since 1985. And in the Mentoring Clubs had 42 Clubs with 691 Club KIDS, 1258 Staff & Mentors.


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