AMOCO Federal Credit Union Participates in Reality Town!

Adrienne Putnal
Marketing Specialist
AMOCO Federal Credit Union

DICKINSON, Texas (October 14, 2010) – Employees from AMOCO Federal Credit Union participated in Dickinson High School’s Reality Town Simulation on Wednesday, October 13. Reality Town is an educational program that gives realistic financial experience to middle and high school students.

Reality Town teaches these often times overlooked lessons of life to students. It is a hands on simulation in which students learn real-life financial concepts such as budgeting, check writing, debit and savings accounts. The program teaches the value of education and its effect on potential earnings. Students take on careers, salaries, families and the associated financial responsibilities of the adult world including taxes, groceries, housing and transportation. AMOCO employees volunteered to work the Financial Counseling booth where more than 700 ninth grade students could visit to receive guidance on their choices.

AMOCO Federal Credit Union is a member-owned financial institution, dedicated to making a difference in the communities where their members live and work. Through its giving mission, AMOCO supports Dickinson’s Education Foundation where programs like the Reality Town Simulation can be funded and provided to help educate our youth.

AMOCO‘s mission is to “serve and satisfy its members” and has done just that over the past 73 years with the help of marketing and business development. AMOCO strives to provide the best products and services available to its members by offering low loan rates, higher dividends and higher savings rates. For more information please visit or call Adrienne Putnal, marketing specialist at 281.534.5513.

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