Anchors aweigh for SeaWest’s new credit union website design by BloomCU

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (August 7, 2019) — It’s anchors aweigh for SeaWest Credit Union’s stunning new website—and this site is already making waves. Created in partnership with BloomCU’s award-winning team, the new credit union website design combines beautiful aesthetics, advanced technology, and ease of use to provide an exceptional digital banking experience for members across the nation.

As the only credit union for Coast Guard members on the west coast, SeaWest truly understands the unique challenges of Coast Guard and military life—and as a result, the institution is equipped to best serve these members. Throughout their collaboration process, SeaWest and BloomCU held to a common goal of creating a website that conveys this understanding and instills a sense of trust in members.

“SeaWest’s new website design doesn’t just stand out because of its good looks but also because of the tangible feeling it creates through tone and messaging,” explains Derik Krauss, Cofounder of BloomCU. “We’re proud of how the website is able to clearly reflect SeaWest’s commitment to their members.”

SeaWest is dedicated to providing members with fast access to their money wherever and whenever they need it, regardless of where members are posted or what adventure they’re on. BloomCU focused on ensuring the new website helps SeaWest to keep this promise, improving navigation and providing website visitors with an intuitive experience.

SeaWest believes in going above and beyond for its members, which is why the new credit union website design includes BloomCU’s advanced personalization technology Persona. Anyone who visits the new site will get a custom experience based on their past web search habits. SeaWest loves that this feature helps them to personalize content according to each visitor’s questions and needs.

“SeaWest’s new website is polished—it provides a seamless user experience while also conveying the credit union’s true concern for each user as an individual,” said Krauss.

“Working with BloomCU on the design and launch of our website was one of the singularly most satisfying and productive creative marketing projects I’ve ever been a part of,” said Chris Rogers, Vice President of Brand &  Marketing at SeaWest. “The team was thoughtful and brilliant in helping to define the brand and bring it to digital life. By the time we got to launch, I would have trusted them to take me to the moon!”

SeaWest is moving full steam ahead with their beautiful new website design, now better able to help members plan for and look towards bright futures while knowing their money is safe and readily available.

About BloomCU

BloomCU LLC helps credit unions design results-driven websites that increase loans and accounts. They work with credit unions in 25 states across the US, many of which have won awards or recognition for their websites from CUNA, MAC, The Financial Brand, Credit Union Times, CUES, and others. The company has a reputation for designing beautiful websites that feature intelligent technologies (e.g., personalization, chatbots, integrated origination experiences) and then optimizing those sites continuously to grow loans, deposits, and membership.

About SeaWest

SeaWest started 60 years ago on Base Alameda, created by Coast Guard members trying to help young recruits get better loans at reasonable rates. While they still serve Coast Guard personnel today, SeaWest also serves all Bay Area military, veterans, and people around the world. SeaWest understands the unique challenges of Coast Guard life and strives to offer better digital banking solutions to those posted beyond the branch. Additional information is available at


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