Another Credit Union to Implement Corelation’s KeyStone

Mike Lawson
DML Communications

For Oregon Pioneer Federal Credit Union ($22 million; 3,010 members; Portland, OR), the speed with which information and solutions were being provided to members each day was simply too slow. In order to improve their member service, the credit union identified a need for a major upgrade to its technology services. They needed a system designed to deal with each member’s whole relationship with the credit union, a system capable of handling a wide variety of ancillary products tailored specifically to their needs, a system freshly designed to streamline operations and product development. Through extensive research of the core processing solutions available, Oregon Pioneer concluded that the system they needed was the new KeyStone platform, from Corelation, Inc. With the new core slated to launch in Q3 2011, Oregon Pioneer is now clearly on its way to the leading edge of credit union efficiency.

“The sooner we get started the better,” states Mark Davis, Oregon Pioneer Federal Credit Union’s CEO, commenting on his partnership with Corelation. “I am looking forward to utilizing KeyStone’s advanced capabilities to enhance our operations and member services.”

Before discovering Corelation, Davis knew that his current core system had limitations. “My credit union needs to catch up a little with technology,” he admits.

With Corelation’s KeyStone, he sees his credit union taking a major step forward in core processing technology, leveraging its bundled technological processes, vast interface capability, and member-centric design.

Oregon Pioneer has not only signed on to use Corelation’s core system, but also looks forward to becoming a third-party processor that hosts system services for local credit unions that sign on but do not want an in-house system.

“Our plan is to utilize third-party vendors that provide advanced solutions and integrate their products with KeyStone,” Davis says. “This open integration is a great opportunity for my credit union. Plus, it gives other credit unions a choice of being in-house or having a third-party process in place.”

A key differentiator for Oregon Pioneer was Corelation’s ability to easily interface with ancillary vendors’ up-and-coming technology, no matter the source. The credit union can ascertain for itself what products and services take priority for its members, then allocate resources to meet those needs without any restrictions from the core.  This opportunity to keep pace with the next generation of financial services will not only keep current members satisfied, but will attract new members as well.  KeyStone ensures that Oregon Pioneer can stay at the forefront of technological innovation, an enhancement to member service with limitless benefits.

“John [Landis, Corelation Founder] and Theresa [Benavidez, Corelation President] have spent their careers in the credit union industry providing solutions for credit unions of all sizes,” Davis says.  “Their dedication and commitment continues on with Corelation and proves again that credit unions have a friend in the industry.”

“We are so pleased to have Oregon Pioneer join the Corelation family,” affirms Corelation President Theresa Benavidez. “We look forward to helping them update their technology solutions and enhance their member service.  We have great respect for Mark Davis and his team, and it is exciting for our institutions to be able to partner and grow alongside one another.”


About Corelation, Inc.

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