Avadian Credit Union to unify digital banking platforms with Jwaala™

Credit union replacing two vendors with Jwaala’s Ignite™ platform

AUSTIN, TX (July 6, 2016) — Jwaala, a leading provider of mobile and online banking solutions to U.S. financial institutions, today announced that Avadian Credit Union of Birmingham, Ala., has now gone live with Jwaala’s Ignite platform, replacing the credit union’s former online and mobile banking system. The credit union has opted to run the Ignite platform in-house.

Facing the sunsetting of its current home banking system at the end of 2015, Avadian originally chose a different vendor in 2014. However, after seven months, the conversion had not progressed to the credit union’s satisfaction. That contract was canceled and the credit union called Jwaala.

“Given our situation, Jwaala’s ability to commit resources to make this conversion happen was exponential,” said Alpesh Patel, Avadian’s Assistant Vice President of Information Technology. “We got the contract hammered out in less than 30 days, and three days after the contract was signed, Jwaala had a server built and ready for us to start working with. We were under the gun with our current system’s end of life looming, but Jwaala really came through for us.”

Avadian is taking advantage of this opportunity to consolidate its online and mobile vendors, launching both components of the Ignite platform simultaneously. “Running a single solution for both online and mobile will streamline the backoffice administration process, and will also create a more consistent member experience,” said Patel.

“I’m very happy we were able to turn the situation around for Avadian Credit Union,” said Jwaala CEO Andrew Taylor. “Great service is just as important to us as great technology.”

“Avadian has a top-notch IT staff,” he continued, “so I know they’ll be able to do some amazing things with the Ignite platform.”

About Jwaala

Based in Austin, Tex., and founded in 2006, Jwaala creates digital banking solutions for U.S. financial institutions. Built on a modern and open-systems framework, Jwaala’s Ignite platform provides a self-service framework unmatched in functionality and flexibility. Additional information is available at


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