Baker Hill® uses Microsoft Azure to enhance data security, compliance and scalability for financial institutions

Baker Hill’s implementation of Azure also opens up opportunities for innovation

CARMEL, IN (January 17, 2017)Baker Hill, a leading provider of technology solutions for common loan origination, relationship management, and smart data analytics, now delivers enhanced data security, scalability and compliance support for financial institutions through Microsoft Azure.

Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services with a variety of offerings, including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking and web services. The solution’s emphasis on data security and broad selection of operating systems, programming languages and pre-built templates streamlines the development and management of enterprise, mobile and web applications. Using the flexible Azure cloud platform, Baker Hill aims to help financial institutions leverage data more effectively as well as cultivate continuous innovation.

Financial institutions collect and store immense amounts of valuable data, requiring a high level of security to protect account holders and adhere to complex compliance regulations. With Azure, Baker Hill provides customers with enhanced data protection, from both physical threats and system vulnerabilities, while meeting rigorous and evolving compliance requirements. Additionally, as financial institutions grow and require increased data storage, Baker Hill supports fast and convenient scaling with Azure.

“Financial institutions are under constant pressure to keep up with technological changes to satisfy shifting consumer demands, all while remaining secure and compliant,” said Niles Bay, chief operating officer, Baker Hill. “By utilizing Microsoft Azure, we provide our customers with the tools needed to manage and use data in a secure, scalable way that delivers meaningful value to the institution. Together with Azure, Baker Hill will continue to drive innovation and empower financial institutions to work smarter and remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.”

Baker Hill remains committed to fostering continuous innovation and keeps a laser focus on its clients’ user experience. Most recently, the company launched Baker Hill NextGen™, a comprehensive loan origination, relationship management, business intelligence, and risk management platform designed to meet the current and future needs of progressive financial institutions in a single platform. Baker Hill NextGen™ allows users to quickly evaluate and monitor their financial institution’s performance and provides a holistic view of risks and new revenue opportunities through easily consumable data. As the company expands on the ways its customers utilize data, Baker Hill’s implementation of Azure will make it easier and faster for customers to turn big data into actionable insights that have a direct impact on their institution’s performance.

“Cloud-based solutions continue to gain momentum in the marketplace,” said Ryan McGee, director, security product marketing, Microsoft Corp. “Companies like Baker Hill are using Microsoft Azure to manage and secure large volumes of data, helping customers ensure compliance, scale for growth and gain new insights from data to achieve their business objectives.” 

About Baker Hill

Baker Hill is in the business of evolving loan origination by combining expertise in technology with expertise in banking. Built on decades of walking alongside banks and credit unions as they provide vital resources to their communities, Baker Hill NextGen® is a configurable, single platform SaaS solution for commercial, small business, consumer loan origination, and risk management that grows along with you as your business needs change. Baker Hill is lending evolved. For more information, visit


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