Better than Chase: SafeAmerica Credit Union redefines omnichannel experience

ATLANTA, GA (June 7, 2017) — When SafeAmerica Credit Union set out to create its own customized omnichannel member experience, its executives knew they were in uncharted waters.

“Typically, when people refer to omnichannel, they mean having the same transaction set available through mobile as through online,” said SafeAmerica’s VP of IT John Gracyalny. “We decided that if we could extend that to every single digital touchpoint, we’d have something nobody else has – and I mean not even Chase or Bank of America.”

Gracyalny knew success required a cutting-edge online and mobile banking platform with robust API integration capabilities. After a thorough RFP process, the credit union chose Bankjoy.

“Bankjoy is as visionary as any company in the industry,” Gracyalnysaid. “We have absolute confidence that their product will do everything we need it to do.”

“SafeAmerica Credit Union has a very progressive vision of what it means to provide an omnichannel member experience,” said Bankjoy CEO Michael Duncan. “We’re very excited to be a part of this bold and important project. I think it will change the way credit unions look at omnichannel.”

About Bankjoy

Detroit-based FinTech, Bankjoy, delivers modern banking technology, including mobile banking, online banking, and a banking API to banks and credit unions — big and small. The company prides itself on creating beautiful products with advanced features, simple navigation, modern look and feel, and world class user experiences shaped by talking to users. Bankjoy is a Curql Collective, Bessemer Venture Partner, Y Combinator-, and CheckAlt-backed company. For more information, visit


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