BloomCU partners with User1st to tackle growing ADA compliance needs

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UT (April 5, 2018)BloomCU, an award-winning credit union website design agency, recently partnered with User1st to better serve credit union’s needs for ADA compliance. ADA compliance is a growing concern because of the many demand letters and lawsuits brought upon credit unions in recent months.

Unfortunately, many credit union website designs are outdated and unusable for disabled visitors. As a design agency, BloomCU helps clients create better user experiences, but recognizes a need for compliance audits.

In accounting, third-party auditors verify a credit union’s books and check for potential errors. In ADA compliance, a third-party auditor offers a similar value proposition: the auditor verifies compliance work that has been done during the design, copywriting, and development of a credit union website and reveals any accessibility issues that need to be fixed.

BloomCU has partnered with User1st because User1st specializes in ADA compliance auditing. And beyond auditing alone, User1st’s services include a plug-and-play accessibility tool, automated scanning, live user testing, and remediation.

“ADA compliance has become a vital issue for credit union website design. Our purpose in partnering with User1st is to protect our clients by offering them a comprehensive solution,” said Derik Krauss, co-founder of BloomCU. “We carefully considered many ADA compliance services available to credit unions and chose to partner with User1st because they offer the best value: automated scans, manual audits, and remediation to fix issues, all at a better price than their competitors.”

About BloomCU

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Slopes, Utah-based BloomCU is a Diamond Award-winning design agency that marries stunning credit union website design with intelligent technology. With an eye for beauty and the brains to match, BloomCU generates flawless designs that incorporate cutting-edge tech, like real-time personalization and chatbots, to create crush-worthy websites for credit unions. For more information, visit

About User 1st

User1st’s main mission to help everyone access the web. Their team is made up of a number of experienced professionals, including developers, programmers, legal experts, social activists and academics. They rely on both advanced software solutions and committed, highly trained, manual testers to audit websites and implement seamless accessibility solutions.


Derik Krauss, Director of BloomCU
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