Callahan & Associates Introduces Three Ways To Improve Credit Union Performance

Elizabeth Morash, Callahan & Associates

WASHINGTON, DC – (August 27, 2012)
– Callahan & Associates today re-launched, the fifteen year old online hub of Callahan data and analysis. Included in the site’s enhancements are three channels credit unions can leverage to improve their performance in the industry.

“The idea is to use all the channels in combination to produce the best result,” says Alix Patterson, COO of Callahan & Associates. “We assume the work of collecting the data, conducting the basic performance analysis, researching trending strategies, and providing a credit union-focused space for communication. The job of the credit union is to take those resources and propel them forward, customizing them for their own purposes and implementing them in a way that drives their credit union’s success.”

To build successful strategies, decision makers can first visit Read & Watch to find information on what trends in data, technology, regulation, and the greater economy are impacting the health of the market. Here, decision makers can also find proven credit union strategies for combating industry issues and take advantage of new opportunities.

 Moving on to Search & Analyze, decision makers can pull credit union data, measure their current and past performance, and set benchmarks for the future. Additionally, they can follow up their industry-wide Read & Watch research by using Search & Analyze to identify and contact peers that have been thriving in the industry.

Finally, decision makers can use the Connect feature to take advantage of the credit union network. Here they can elevate their education by attending an industry conference, get ideas by viewing credit union press releases, and post their own press release to share their success with the network.

Visit the new today to Read & Watch, Search & Analyze, and Connect.

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