Callahan’s Leadership Program Grows to 60+ Credit Unions

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Washington, D.C. (Sept. 14, 2010) – Callahan & Associates’ Leadership Program has seen a rapid pickup in its membership this year, as more credit union executives search for resources that will help their management teams build the next era of cooperative success. Currently, 63 leading credit unions throughout the country, having a combined $90 billion in assets, participate in the Leadership Program.

Gary Soukenik, President & CEO of Warren, Ohio-based Seven Seventeen Credit Union, said Callahan’s resources have enabled his team to validate that they are on the right path.

“The ability to compare our performance to peers is one of the Callahan tools we use in helping us highlight areas of potential improvement,” said Soukenik. “If we see that one of our key ratios isn’t stacking up to our peer group, we can delve into the contributing factors and make assessments on where we might be falling short. We have been able to take action and make changes that have created greater operational efficiencies that have positively impacted our bottom line.”

The Leadership Program provides credit unions access to all of Callahan’s industry focused resources, such as topical insights through regular commentary, performance benchmarking software, live and recorded webinars and ‘on call’ consulting resources.

“As a member of the Leadership Program, we’re able to call on the Callahan team to bounce ideas off of them, get the latest research to share with our board, and offer the entire CUtv event platform to all our management staff,” said Pete Sainato, CEO of Justice Federal Credit Union, based in Chantilly, Va. “I feel there is tremendous value having these resources at our disposal all year long.”

Callahan’s Executive Vice President Jay Johnson says credit unions can benefit from having key information before undertaking new initiatives. “You need to identify areas of growth and profitability, and know what is happening in both the credit union industry and the broader financial markets,” Johnson. “The Leadership Program is designed to help credit unions obtain valuable information in an easy-to-use format.”

Soukenik says Seven Seventeen benefits not only from the professional expertise and online services available through the Leadership Program, but also from its forum for exchanging information with colleagues.

“Peer-to-peer analysis and networking opportunities have provided the greatest value for us as an organization, and Callahan provides the most convenient access to that wealth of industry intelligence,” he said. “These resources have saved us considerable time and energy when moving on to a new initiative.”

Celebrating its 25th year, Callahan & Associates was created to assist credit unions in developing their unique competitive advantage of cooperation.

“Every product we have developed relies on industry support,” said Chip Filson, Callahan Co-Founder & CEO. “Cooperation is the key to credit unions changing faster and being more responsive to market and member needs.  When credit unions share innovative practices, the whole industry can learn the details right away and create more value for members.”

To learn more about Callahan & Associates’ Leadership Program, call Leigh Anne Terry at (800) 446-7453 at ext. 170  or visit

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